Your unique Road or Gravel Bike should be the perfect fit for you!


Everyone is different!
Some of us have pretty balanced body measurements, but a lot of us are the small or the tall, theĀ 
ones with the long legs and the short upper body or vice versa, with very long or short arms or with two different leg lengths.

No matter how your measurements look like, our goal is to find the perfect bike for you!

A Pasculli project starts with taking your body measurement, from your body height to the size of your feet.

Let us take your measurements and come to the shop in Berlin or take it yourself, send it to us and we will get in touch with you.

Your Bike Size & Bike Geometry

Once your body measurements have been taken, we develop your personal bike size and geometry.

The next step is to check if you are a fit for the Pasculli KomPas Geometries or if you should go for a custom-sized Pasculli bike frame.


Custom-Built vs Custom-Sized





All Pasculli bicycle frames are handpainted in Italy.

All Pasculli bicycle frames
are handpainted
in Italy.


Pasculli Bikes are assembled by highly qualified professional Bike Mechanics in Berlin.

Our Mechanics care about the tiniest detail, like how to squeeze the “Schnuffel” (cable-end-caps) to complete your new individual and unique bicycle.

Last but not least… Did you actually know that before to having coffee with George, God has been a bike mechanic?