How to take your body measurements?

Dear cyclists,

Every Pasculli project starts with taking your body measurements. We use these measurements, like your torso length and your inseam to find the perfect frame size and develop an individual frame geometry for you.
Scroll down to learn how you can take your body measurements with the help of a friend.

Equipment & Preparation

You will need:

  1. a friend who helps you
  2. a folding ruler
  3. a spirit level, min. 50 cm long
  4. adesive dots
  5. bibshorts
  6. a white wall
  7. a chair
  8. a pen

Please read the full presentation until the end before to start.
Please take off you shoes and put on your bib shorts.
Make sure you have a free white wall.
Have all the tools ready and close to you.
Please print the body measurement form and use it to note down your measurements.


1 Total body height

  1. Stand straight with your back against the wall.
    Place the spirit level on your head so that its back end touches the wall.
  2. Your friend makes sure that the level is parallel to the floor. At the point where the lower edge of the level touches the wall, your friend places a marker.
  3. The lower edge of the marker is on the same line as the lower edge of the level.
  4. Afterwards, please step away from the wall. Now, measure the distance from the floor to the bottom edge of the marker point. Note down the body height.
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2 Inseam

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  1. Stand upright against the wall again and place the spirit level between your legs.
  2. Raise the level in your crotch so that the contact pressure is comparable to the pressure you feel on your saddle.
  3. The assistant again makes sure that the spirit level is parallel to the ground in the scale.
  4. The ruler is now placed at a right angle to the spirit level in order to take the measurement from the upper edge of the spirit level to the ground.

3 Torso Length

  1. Keep standing upright on the wall and hold the level between your legs as you would when measuring your inseam.
  2. Your assistant will now mark the deepest point of your “throttle” (neck) pit with a marker (this is located at the neck between the two ends of your collarbone).
  3. The lower edge of the marking point touches the upper edge of the sternum. Now measure the distance from the upper edge of the spirit level to the lower edge of the marking point.
  4. This is how you determine your torso length.
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4 Arm Length

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  1. To determine your arm length, please take off your shirt.
  2. Extend your right arm forward so that it is at a 45° angle to the longitudinal axis of your body and form a loose fist with your hand. Thumb and index finger point towards the ceiling.
  3. Now ,the assistant needs to position a marker on the acromioclavicular joint Then the assistant measures the distance from the center of the mark to the center of the circle formed by the index finger of your loose fist.
  4. Your arm length is now determined. Note is down.

5 Lower Leg Length

  1. Sit down so that your upper and lower leg are at 90° to each other.
  2. The assistant puts a dot just below the kneecap.
  3. Then please measure the distance (straight line) from the upper edge of the marker point to the ground.
  4. Note down your lower leg lenth.
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Send us your body measurements