The Bike

The Altissimo is an ultra-light, agile and fast carbon road bike with rim brakes.

If great is for everyone, but perfect, custom-sized and super light is the “must-have” for you, the Altissimo is your choice!

Every Altissimo is a tailor-made, handcrafted piece with a carbon lay-up optimized to fit your needs and to offer the best ride quality possible.

Custom-Sized or Pasculli KomPas-Geometry?

  1. custom-sized Altissimo Road Bike (bike geometry is developed according to your body-measurements) with your unique colour design and bike components of your choice
  2. Standard-line Altissimo Road Bike in Pasculli KomPas geometry, with a Pasculli colour design and fixed component specification.

Price Altissimo Road Bike 
Altissimo complete bike from: 6490,00 €
Altissimo frame-set (frame + fork) from: 3790,00 €


Chose your favourite colour design, the bike components and your bike size here and share your ideas with us! Start to configure your dream Altissimo carbon road bike now!

Design & Paint





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    Altissimo KomPas Geometry

    Finest riding qualities and the most efficient position on the bike is what drives the development of our bike geometries. The KomPas geometries are developed based on all the experiences with custom-sized bikes which we have gathered since 2005.

    The Name

    The Pasculli Altissimo is named after a friend of the Pasculli family and one of the peaks of the Monte Baldo at Lake Garda. With its top at 2076m, the Monte Altissimo belongs to the highest climbs at Lake Garda.

    Sizes & Spec Options