The right position on the bike?

We say: "This is no magic! Just a few things to consider and definitely possible!"


The optimal position on the bike

The “right position” on the bike is a very individual thing and yet the basic philosophy on this subject has changed enormously.

About 15 years ago road bikes were manufactured with long top tubes. The common bike position was very “long” with your back stretched and the arms almost straight. Nowadays, the opposite is the state of modern bicycle ergonomics. Bicycle frames are built with shorter top tubes and longer head tubes. The goal is to achieve a compact riding position.

The Pasculli bike sizes and geometries have always been compact. On top of that, since 2017 we partner with the Cologne-based Bike-Fitting Experts “KOMSport” and have developed the KomPas (KOMSport-Pasculli) Geometries together. These KOMPas Geometries offer a compact, comfortable and efficient position on the bike.

Our road bike frame geometries are developed with a rather short top tube and a defined stem length between 90 and 110 cm.

If you sit centered on your bike, your pelvis is straight, your hips are not rotated, your back and your shoulders are relaxed and your slightly bent arms naturally reach the handlebar, then you are where we would like to see you.

With the right frame size and the optimal position, you should be able to ride with a smooth pedal stroke, without much effort and any kind of pain, even if it’s a longer distance.

Let's check your position!

No matter if it is a new bike for you or if you are already on a Pasculli for years, we suggest letting Sebastian and Patrick from KOMSport have a look at your bike position. Tell us if you are interested to join the next KomSport bike fitting days at Bikeline Berlin.